3 Amigos Tom And Nick Mysterio Shirt – Tom and Nick Mysterio now have their own t-shirt

3 Amigos Tom And Nick Mysterio Shirt Tom and Nick Mysterio now have their own t shirt

Truth or Consequences: The Case of Tom, Nick, and Judgment Day’s Cash Flow

While Judgment Day’s Damian Priest preaches fire and brimstone, the rest of the stable are getting heartburn – all thanks to R-Truth and his relentless pursuit of “Three Amigos” status. The man’s love for Tom and Nick Mysterio borders on obsession, except… Nick Mysterio doesn’t exist.

Yes, you read that right. To everyone else, Truth’s been tripping over his own feet, mistaking Dominik for some mythical twin brother. But then, WWE merch drops a 3 Amigos Tom And Nick Mysterio Shirt featuring… you guessed it, a young Dominik looking suspiciously like Tom with a slightly different haircut. Suddenly, Truth’s ramblings become prophetic.

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3 Amigos Tom And Nick Mysterio Shirt 1 1
3 Amigos Tom And Nick Mysterio Shirt

Nick may be hiding out in the Mysterio family recipe vault for all we know, but that hasn’t stopped Truth from claiming his “brother’s” share of the merch profits. He’s like a wrestling Robin Hood, except instead of stealing from the rich, he’s redistributing merch money from non-existent twins to himself. (Hey, even fictional Mysterios gotta eat!)

This, naturally, pisses off Judgment Day’s resident sourpuss, JD McDonagh. He whines like a chihuahua denied a squeaky toy while Truth struts around with a wad of cash thicker than Rhea Ripley‘s entrance pyro. Maybe if JD loosened up and embraced the absurdity (and potential payday) of Truth’s Tom & Nick bonanza, he wouldn’t be stuck living paycheck to paycheck in the heel world.

But what can you expect from haters? They gonna hate. Meanwhile, Truth’s laughing all the way to the bank, proving once again that sometimes, the craziest theories have the most merch-able answers.

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