Aidy Bryant Charles Melton Shirt – Aidy Bryant Surprises ‘Sweetie’ Charles Melton at Spirit Awards with Matching T-Shirts: ‘Told You It Would Fit’

Aidy Bryant Charles Melton Shirt Aidy Bryant Surprises 'Sweetie' Charles Melton at Spirit Awards with Matching T Shirts 'Told You It Would Fit'

Aidy Bryant and Charles Melton Spark Sparks at the Spirit Awards

The 2024 Film Independent Spirit Awards became a love fest, not just for cinema, but for the blossoming connection between Aidy Bryant and Charles Melton.

At the Santa Monica ceremony, which the hilarious Bryant (36) playfully called the “Bisexual Oscars,” the former Saturday Night Live star stole the show with a playful (and very public) declaration of her affection for Melton (33).

Following the presentation for Best First Screenplay, Bryant emerged on stage sporting a giant black t-shirt emblazoned with a collage of Melton’s face in various roles. “Hey everyone, digging my shirt?” she quipped, addressing the audience. “It’s my ultimate Charles Melton fan T-shirt, showcasing all his iconic moments, you know, Riverdale, May December…”

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Aaidy Bryant Charles Melton Shirt

As if on cue, the camera panned to Melton in the audience, sporting a near-identical shirt – except his displayed a montage of Bryant’s comedic moments.

“Wait, is that a shirt of me?” Bryant exclaimed, feigning surprise. “And it features all my, uh, ‘finest’ moments? Like the screaming lady, the bonnet-clad chicken, and, of course, Ted Cruz on vacation?”

The playful banter continued as Bryant playfully teased, “You told me it’d look good on you, big sweetie,” prompting a flustered Melton to confess, “I love you!”

Trying to contain her laughter, Bryant playfully flirted back, “See you later then, baby,” before getting back to her hosting duties.

While Melton didn’t take home the award for Best Supporting Actor (ultimately won by Da’Vine Joy Randolph for The Holdovers), the night undoubtedly held a special significance for the potential new couple.

Reflecting on his awards season journey earlier in February, Melton shared with People Magazine, “The connections I’ve made and the moments shared, that’s what truly matters.” He continued, “Focusing on awards or future possibilities takes me away from enjoying the present.”

Whether their exchange was simply playful or hinting at something more, one thing’s for sure: the 2024 Spirit Awards witnessed a spark that stole the hearts of many.

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