Avalanche wear special T-shirts to honor Manson during Moms’ trip

Avalanche wear Moms trip for Lana T shirt

A Touching Tribute: Colorado Avalanche Honors Fallen Mother During Moms’ Trip

The Colorado Avalanche embarked on their annual Moms’ trip with a touch of poignancy this year, honoring the memory of defenseman Josh Manson‘s late mother, Lana. As the team boarded their flight to Las Vegas, each player sported specially designed “Moms Trip for Lana” T-shirts, a gesture of solidarity and compassion for their teammate.

The idea for the T-shirts stemmed from the thoughtful initiative of Avalanche defenseman Ryan Johansen, who sought Manson’s approval before having them made for the entire team. Manson, who lost his mother to melanoma in August, chose to bring his mother-in-law along on the trip, making her presence a source of warmth and support amidst the team’s collective grief.

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Avalanche Moms Trip For Lana Shirt 1 1
Avalanche Moms Trip For Lana Shirt

The Moms’ trip is always a cherished tradition, but this year it held a deeper significance for the Avalanche. It became an opportunity to honor the unwavering love and sacrifices of mothers, both those who are physically present and those whose presence lives on in the hearts of their loved ones. In their simple yet powerful gesture, the team’s players reminded us that the impact of a mother’s love transcends boundaries, even in the face of loss.

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