Caitlin Clark goes viral after LSU basketball adds Aneesah Morrow


On Friday, the buzz surrounding Iowa’s basketball sensation Caitlin Clark was not due to her own actions, but rather to the recent moves made by LSU basketball. The LSU women’s basketball team, fresh off winning the national championship, made waves by adding two talented players, Hailey Van Lith and Aneesah Morrow, through the transfer portal this offseason. Morrow, who had an impressive campaign with DePaul, is the latest addition to the Tigers‘ already formidable lineup.

As LSU continues to strengthen their roster, college basketball fans took to social media to discuss Clark and her Iowa team. Many fans expressed their belief that LSU is recruiting top-tier players solely to beat Clark next season. One fan wrote, “Are they really assembling a super team just to beat Caitlin Clark? That’s weak!” Another fan commented, “LSU seems to be so worried about Caitlin Clark’s revenge tour that they’ve gone and made a damn super team.”

Despite not being the direct subject of the conversation, Clark’s popularity and skill have made her a central topic in the college basketball community. Fans eagerly await the upcoming season to see how these teams will fare against each other on the court.

Despite the buzz surrounding LSU’s recent recruitment of talented players to their women’s basketball team, some LSU fans are defending their team against criticism from those who believe the new additions are only to beat Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark and her team. According to these fans, the hype around Clark doesn’t make sense since the Tigers have already beaten the Hawkeyes in the championship, implying that Clark and her team are not a significant threat.

Clark has yet to address LSU’s recent recruitment efforts, and it’s unlikely that she will comment on the matter, given that her focus is expected to be on Iowa’s upcoming season. Nevertheless, she is sure to be surprised when she sees her name trending on social media in connection with LSU’s new additions.


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