Damian Lillard Uses Example Of How The Lakers Disrespected Russell Westbrook When He Talks About His Own Future

Damian Lillard Uses Example Of How The Lakers Disrespected Russell Westbrook When He Talks About His Own Future

In a candid discussion about his future, Damian Lillard, the renowned star of the Portland Trail Blazers, has been vocal about his aspirations and the path he envisions for himself. At 32 years old, Lillard understands that he still possesses the stamina and skills to continue excelling in the game. However, he also knows that it is crucial to shape his future in a way that aligns with his goals and values.

During an interview with Brian Custer on Showtime’s ‘The Last Stand’, Lillard used the recent scenario involving the Los Angeles Lakers and the Russell Westbrook trade as a prime example of what he wants to avoid in his own career. He expressed his thoughts on the situation, emphasizing how Westbrook, a seasoned and accomplished player, joined the Lakers but was subsequently relegated to a bench role.

Lillard’s sentiment resonated as he questioned the decision, stating, “When Russ [Westbrook] went to the Lakers, it was ‘the Lakers,’ you know what I mean? Then they got Russ coming off the bench like he’s not a Hall-of-Famer… Man, that’s Russell Westbrook. Like what?” This candid remark exemplifies Lillard’s determination to chart his own course and ensure that his future aligns with the respect and recognition he deserves.

As Lillard continues to navigate his basketball journey, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of a future that is both personally fulfilling and honors his remarkable talent. By learning from the experiences of others and setting his own path, Lillard aims to create a legacy that reflects his unwavering commitment to the game and his own vision for success.

Damian Lillard Uses Example Of How The Lakers Disrespected Russell Westbrook When He Talks About His Own Future
Damian Lillard Uses Example Of How The Lakers Disrespected Russell Westbrook When He Talks About His Own Future

Undoubtedly, the superstar of the Portland Trail Blazers perceived this as the ultimate disregard for a former MVP and a future Hall of Famer. While Westbrook’s role as a sixth man was largely seen as a strategic move by head coach Darvin Ham to ensure optimal spacing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, there are multiple perspectives to consider. It is worth mentioning that there were reports of Westbrook embracing his role coming off the bench for the team.

Subsequently, Westbrook found himself traded to the Utah Jazz as part of a three-team trade involving the Minnesota Timberwolves, and later he signed with the LA Clippers. The decision to join forces with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George proved to be a successful move, as Westbrook showcased glimpses of his vintage form.

Amidst it all, Lillard is well aware of his own status as a legitimate superstar who can single-handedly lead a team at any given moment. He recognizes the importance of being respected and valued. It is possible that the same sense of disrespect observed in Westbrook’s situation may have influenced Lillard’s perspective on the idea of ever joining the Lakers.

Lillard’s conviction stems from his belief in his own abilities and the desire to be part of a team that appreciates and supports him fully. As he continues to carve out his own legacy, he remains committed to finding a path that aligns with his values and provides the platform for him to thrive as one of the league’s premier talents.

Damian Lillard’s Future With The Blazers Depends On Their No. 3 Pick Plans

Since the Portland Trail Blazers failed to secure a playoff berth, Damian Lillard’s name has been linked to various teams, sparking ongoing speculation about his future. While Lillard has expressed his preference to remain with the Blazers, discussions about his next move have become a prominent topic, especially considering the team’s possession of the No. 3 pick in the upcoming draft.

According to ClutchPoints’ Erik Slater, there is a belief that if the Blazers decide to keep the pick, whether they select someone like Scoot or another player, it could lead to a significant conversation about potentially parting ways with Lillard.

Throughout the 2022-23 season, Lillard has demonstrated his consistency and prowess, averaging an impressive 32.2 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 7.3 assists per game for the Blazers. However, the team now faces the challenge of building a roster that can complement Lillard’s skills and elevate their performance to meet his expectations.

As the future unfolds, both Lillard and the Blazers must carefully navigate the decision-making process. The team’s ability to assemble a competitive roster around their star player will play a crucial role in determining Lillard’s long-term commitment to the franchise. With Lillard’s exceptional on-court performances, the Blazers must seize the opportunity to create a supporting cast that can maximize his talents and propel the team to greater success.

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