Eminem Barry Sanders Hoodie – Eminem Asks Rams QB for Favor Ahead of Detroit Lions Playoff Game: ‘You Owe Me’

Eminem Asks Rams QB for Favor Ahead of Detroit Lions Playoff Game You Owe Me

Eminem’s Symphony for Stafford: A Detroit Redemption

Eminem, a die-hard fan of the Detroit Lions, has a bone to pick with Matthew Stafford, the quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams: “You owe me one.” In a promotional video on X (previously known as Twitter), released prior to the Lions’ playoff match against the Rams on Sunday, January 14, the legendary rapper earnestly appealed to Stafford, who once played for the Lions.

“Stafford, didn’t I tell you? You owe me this one, buddy,” Eminem stated in a video aired during the ChiefsDolphins game on Saturday. “I was there for you when you triumphed. I was there, right by your side. I performed for you, Stafford. Dude, I rapped for you!”

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Eminem Barry Sanders Hoodie

The rapper, known for his hit “Lose Yourself,” dons a custom Barry Sanders hoodie with the number 20 in the video. He’s alluding to his 2022 Super Bowl halftime performance at SoFi Stadium near Los Angeles, where the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. The unforgettable show also included a star-studded hip-hop ensemble featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent.

Stafford, who spent 12 years with the Lions before being traded to the Rams in 2021, lost three playoff games in the first round during his tenure. He was traded to the Rams in exchange for Jared Goff, the Lions’ current quarterback.

The Lions, who haven’t tasted playoff victory since 1992, are set to clash with the Rams at Detroit’s Ford Field on Sunday, January 14. This much-anticipated game marks the Lions’ first home playoff game in three decades and the team’s inaugural playoff game at Ford Field.

In another video shared on his Instagram, Eminem expressed his aspirations for the upcoming year. “My New Year’s resolution was for the Lions to win the Super Bowl,” he declares. “So, what’s the deal?”


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