In Josh We Trust Shirts are now available!

In Josh We Trust T Shirts are now available!

A New Era Dawns in Washington: Josh Harris and the Redemption of a Franchise

July 2023 marked a watershed moment in Washington football history. The dark cloud that cast a shadow over the Commanders for two and a half decades finally lifted with the monumental purchase of the team by Josh Harris and his ownership group. This wasn’t just a sale; it was a declaration of intent, a promise of a new dawn for a long-suffering fanbase.

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Harris didn’t waste time making his mark. His first year as owner was one of quiet assessment, observing as head coach Ron Rivera navigated the turbulent waters of the 2023 season. When the Commanders floundered, ending with a dismal 4-13 record, Harris made a decisive move. Black Monday saw Rivera’s departure, followed by the swift appointment of basketball mastermind Bob Myers and seasoned NFL GM Rick Spielman to spearhead the search for a new head of football operations and head coach.

This wasn’t a mere reshuffling of the deck. With the strategic poaching of San Francisco 49ers assistant GM Adam Peters, Harris reeled in the biggest catch of the GM sweepstakes. Peters, known for his analytical prowess and talent-building acumen, instantly became the cornerstone of this new era. Now, all eyes turn to the final piece of the puzzle – a head coach who, alongside Peters, can rebuild the Commanders into a force to be reckoned with.

Josh Harris’ quiet observation has given way to a whirlwind of decisive action. He’s not just invested in a team; he’s invested in the dreams of a fanbase yearning for redemption. With each strategic move, Harris chips away at the legacy of dysfunction, replacing it with a vision of excellence. This isn’t just about winning games; it’s about restoring trust, rebuilding pride, and redefining what it means to be a Washington Commander. The road ahead may be long, but under Harris’s leadership, the future for Washington football finally shimmers with a renewed, exciting promise.

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