NBA Fans Are Destroying Trae Young For His Foolish Tweet After Nuggets Won NBA Championship

The Atlanta Hawks are poised to make their mark on the NBA championship, not just because of widespread belief or expert predictions, but due to the audacious proclamation made by their star player, Trae Young, immediately following the Denver Nuggets‘ historic triumph.

As the Denver Nuggets basked in the glory of securing their first-ever NBA title, Trae Young took to social media to make a resolute statement.

With unwavering conviction, the two-time All-Star declared that it would be the Hawks who would hoist the coveted trophy next, punctuating his tweet with ring and trophy emojis.

While the Atlanta Hawks have frequently been a presence in the playoffs over the past 15 years, they haven’t been regarded as genuine contenders when the postseason arrives. Their sole championship victory occurred back in 1958, during their St. Louis days, and they have yet to reach the NBA Finals in their 55-year tenure in Atlanta.

Although Young boasts impressive averages of 26 points and 10 assists per game, and the team possesses some promising pieces, it remains far from resembling a championship-caliber roster.

When the new season approached, the Hawks found themselves ranked 16th in betting odds, with an outsider status of +6000 to claim the NBA Championship in June 2024. In contrast, the Nuggets were favored to defend their title.

Confidence is undoubtedly a valuable asset, but it can sometimes blur the line between self-assurance and delusion.


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