Shania Twain Thrilled by Taylor Swift Wearing Her T-Shirt

Taylor Swift wears a t shirt with Shania Twain's face

Country Music Icons Shania Twain and Taylor Swift Share Mutual Admiration

Shania Twain and Taylor Swift are two of the biggest names in country music, and their mutual admiration is heartwarming. In a recent interview, Twain praised Swift for her work ethic and called her a “doll” and a “great role model for girls.”

Twain was spotted wearing a shirt with Swift’s face on it during a recent outing in New York City, and when asked about it, she said, “It’s really cool. I think that was sweet of her.” She added, “I’m totally in. Like, I feel like I’m her aunt or something. We’re in synch in a lot of ways, and I really have a lot of respect and compassion for her.”

Twain also took the opportunity to complement Swift’s work ethic. She said, “The weight of any young artist in her position is enormous, and she gets through it seemingly so effortlessly, but we all know that it’s not.”

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Taylor Shania Twain Any Man Of Mine Shirt
Taylor Shania Twain Any Man Of Mine Shirt

Swift and Twain are both role models for young women in the music industry. They have both shown that it is possible to achieve success while staying true to themselves and their art. Their mutual admiration is a testament to their strength and character.

In addition to their mutual admiration, Twain and Swift also have a lot of similarities. Both women are known for their powerful vocals, songwriting skills, and stage presence. They have also both had successful careers in both country and pop music.

It is inspiring to see two of the biggest names in country music supporting each other. Their mutual admiration is a reminder that even the biggest stars are just people, and that they are capable of forming genuine friendships.

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