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If you’re a fan of internet memes, you may have seen the term “Dark Brandon” floating around the web lately. This phrase has its roots in an interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, where a crowd in the background can be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden”. The interviewer, in an attempt to cover up the profanity, claimed that the crowd was actually chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!”. This blunder quickly went viral, and the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” became a rallying cry for some who oppose the Biden administration.

Recently, President Biden’s campaign team capitalized on this internet sensation by releasing a new t-shirt featuring the phrase “Dark Brandon”. The shirt shows a bold graphic of Biden with his iconic “dark laser eyes”, along with the slogan “Dark Brandon” and the phrase “Best worn while vanquishing Malarkey”. But what does it all mean?

The “dark laser eyes” have become an iconic symbol of President Biden’s online persona. Memes featuring the president with glowing red eyes have proliferated across social media, and have been used to express a range of emotions from frustration to determination. The “Dark Brandon” t-shirt takes this idea to the next level, combining it with the “Let’s go, Brandon” meme to create a statement of support for the President and his agenda.

The phrase “vanquishing Malarkey” is also a nod to the Biden campaign’s messaging. During the 2024 campaign, Biden often used the term “Malarkey” to describe false or misleading statements made by his opponents. By wearing the “Dark Brandon” t-shirt, supporters are making a statement that they stand with the President in his fight against disinformation and falsehoods.

The “Dark Brandon” t-shirt has become a viral sensation, and has been worn by everyone from celebrities to politicians. Whether you’re a fan of the President or just appreciate a good meme, this shirt is a fun and lighthearted way to show your support for the man in the Oval Office. And best of all, all proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to support the President’s re-election campaign, so you can look good while doing good.

Joe Biden sell Dark Laser Eyes Brandon 2024 Mug 1
Joe Biden sell Dark Laser Eyes Brandon 2024 Mug 1

Joe Biden’s Campaign Uses Meme Culture to Connect with Young Voters

Joe Biden may be one of the oldest presidents in US history, but his campaign is proving to be surprisingly in touch with the younger generation. With the rise of meme culture and online trends, Biden’s team has been quick to adapt and use these tools to their advantage.

One example of this is the campaign’s recent release of a Joe Biden Dark Laser Eyes Brandon 2024 shirt and mug. The meme, which originated from a misheard chant at a NASCAR event, has been co-opted by liberal internet users to create a positive image of the name Brandon. The “Dark Brandon” meme takes this a step further, portraying Biden as a ruthless lefty partisan who takes no prisoners.

While this may seem like an odd move for a centrist politician like Biden, it actually makes a lot of sense. By embracing the meme culture of the internet, Biden is able to connect with younger voters who may not be as familiar with traditional political discourse. It also allows him to portray himself as a more relatable figure, someone who is not afraid to have a little fun and engage with his supporters in a different way.

The fact that the campaign is selling “Dark Brandon” merchandise is also a smart move. By turning the meme into a tangible product, the campaign is able to further connect with young voters and create a sense of community around the joke.

But this is not the first time Biden’s campaign has used internet culture to its advantage. During the 2024 election, the campaign released a series of “Animal Crossing” yard signs, allowing players of the popular video game to show their support for the Democratic candidate in a unique way. The campaign also used popular TikTok influencers to create content promoting Biden and his policies.

All of these efforts show that the Biden campaign is not afraid to embrace new forms of communication and connect with voters in different ways. By using memes and online trends, the campaign is able to reach a wider audience and create a more engaged and enthusiastic base of supporters.

Joe Biden sell Dark Laser Eyes Brandon 2024 Shirt 1 1
Joe Biden sell Dark Laser Eyes Brandon 2024 Shirt 1 1

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