Tampa business defends FSU football, “If You Can’t Beat Us Cheat Us”

Tampa business defends FSU football, ‘If You Can’t Beat Us Cheat Us’

“Seminole Spirit Untamed: Tampa Company Champions Snubbed FSU with Bold If You Can’t Beat Us Cheat Us Shirt”

Tampa, FL Passion runs deep in the garnet and gold, and when Florida State’s undefeated season wasn’t rewarded with a playoff berth, the fire ignited. Smack Apparel, a Tampa Bay staple known for celebrating local triumphs, felt the heat too. This time, their canvas wasn’t a championship banner, but a bold message echoing the roar of the Seminole faithful: “If You Can’t Beat Us Cheat Us”.

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If You Can’t Beat Us Cheat Us Shirt

Wayne Curtiss, a proud FSU alum and the man behind Smack Apparel’s 25 years of team spirit, put his heart on a tee. “We do cool stuff for champions,” he admits, “but this one’s different. 13-0. Undefeated. The games matter. This shirt, it’s personal.”

And personal it is. The garnet and gold threads emblazoned with the defiant statement struck a chord. Fans, alumni, and even fellow apparel veterans felt the sting of the snub, and Curtiss’ creation gave them a voice. Demand exploded; online orders flooded in, and the Monday after selection Sunday saw Heads and Tails in Tampa buzzing with Seminoles eager to wear their defiance.

Smack Apparel isn’t just selling shirts; they’re channeling a movement. They’re the megaphone for a fanbase denied their rightful place, the champions of a team left out but never counted out. This isn’t just apparel; it’s a war cry, a badge of honor for those who believe #NoOneBeatUs.

So, the next time you see someone in garnet and gold, don’t just see a fan. See a champion. See a Seminole. And if their shirt says “If You Can’t Beat Us Cheat Us”, know this: they’re not bitter, they’re bold. They’re not defeated, they’re defiant. And they’re reminding everyone: Florida State may be out of the playoffs, but the spirit? Untamed.

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